Emil Holmer

"Embrace" Akureyri Art Museum, feb-may 2021

ARTISTS: Birgir Birgisson (ISL), Emil Holmer (SWE), Heidi Lampenius (FIN), Onya
McCausland (UK), Miikka Vaskola (FIN), Thordis Erla Zoega (ISL),

Curator: Mika Hannula (see www.mikahannula.com)

Embrace is a project focusing on the internal logic of the painterly acts that are situated, committed and long-term embedded. It is a project in which all parts come together with the aim of creating and generating sites and situations for paintings to not only be but to become. Thus, the aim is to get away from the idea of distance and start moving towards participatory experience – the demanding and messy but pleasurable road from detachment to proximity, from absence to embrace.